Dear fourteen year old me.

Dear fourteen year old me, hi its you.
Some mistakes u gonna make so I should share some clue
You are perfect the way you are and that’s true
So don’t try to change and make things screw
Because doesn’t matter how hard you try something’s u can’t get through.

Never shed a tear if any clothes don’t fit
Just wear it with a smile and admit
Because looks and outter spark is just shit
Someone will surely fall for ur faults without seeing your outfit.

Don’t ever think that cupids are for real
Don’t ever fall in love its a bad deal
It will give u wounds u won’t be able to heal
And the little happiness u have left, they will steal.

You don’t miss fit you were just born quite late
Because true love is consider now outdate
I knw these fact will make u frustrate
Even Romeo and Juliet are considered dumb in today’s state.


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