At the day I died in the end.

This story is about a young guy
In his every breath he wanted to die.

That night for him was more dark
He felt a lot of itch in the wrist mark.

He felt suffocation in his bed,
He felt numbness in his head,
So he decided to leave by cutting the thread.

That night he ran,
He ran as fast as he can,
He felt this is the ‘b’ plan.

But this plan wasn’t so fair,
He didn’t get the love of His share,
The pain he had he couldn’t bare,
Along the way he lost his hair,
Forgot about everyone that use to care,
And took dying as a dare.

He reached the cliff and took a breath
He tried to taste the air before death.

It took time him to prepare,
He watched his last sunrise there,
Rest are the words he wrote with care.

“There are some nights when I am dead Early
There are some days when I am still alive
No matter if its 10 in the night
Or early mornings five
I can break this pain any day any night
I am on the high hill
All I need is a will to dive
Because the thought of death makes me feel more alive.

This night was last
The pain kept on increasing and I couldn’t bare
So to reduce the weight I hanged my leg in air
I looked down and started to stare
And suddenly everything became more greyer
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath because I was aware
That I need to let it go its just a nightmare.

As I leaned ahead and exhaled the last breath that tasted like a quark.
My ears pulled me back because they heard a bark.

My heartbeat touched the sky and I fell on land,
Something came with wagging tail and licked on my hand.

I looked at that face just asking for some food
With mentioning to add some sweetness and love to include.

At that day I died In the end
Because that wasn’t me who walked back home with his new friend.”


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