That morning was different when I woke up with my wife.
It’s the last memory of me smiling in my life.

I woke up with sound of her vomiting blood,
I placed my hand on her back but felt helpless like stuck in mud.

Doctor said that we should now count her months as days,
Help her laugh because it’s her last phase. 

Those words made me numb for few sec,
Because you can’t just prepare for the pain of getting stabbed in neck.

I wake one morning amazed and appalled,
Because that day she lost her hair and I felt bald.

Everyday I smiled at her face but my tears rolled down inside,
She was very sick but some how I died.

And that night when the 4am struck,
Her soul broke up with her and she lost her luck.

People brought flowers for her grave,
But I failed show that I am brave.

Time passed by but the tears on my cheek never dried,
Life left a empty pillow by my side.

Nothing changed in me in the last 10 years,
But the girl who cried that day is now wiping my tears

She said “dad we all need to get off this stage,
Try to live again don’t be in a cage.

Have my shoulder dad take some rest,
Let it go dad she knew u did Ur best.”

That day I cried to feel the pain again until it dries.
Because I can’t say no to this girl she resembles my love’s eyes.


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