Believe in what you live.

This story is about a dark
night ,Which made that boy’s dream bright.

The boy was too broke to drive ,

He pressed the brake to survive ,

And started walking on footpath 

For being alive.
He wanted to spend time with his pain ,

His life was broke and out of lane 

It was Autumn and he was waiting for rain.
It was almost 3:30 in the night ,

When the pain was at the height ,

He saw a kid murmuring under the street light.
His booze was knocked by the reality ,

At first he felt a bit pity ,

About the broken dreams of this city.
He tried not to have a eye contact with the kid,

But some how he did,

The air pulled him towards the blank space beside the kid .
He asked ‘why are you studying under this pole’? 

The rest of story was told by the poor kid’s soul.
“If a black can rule all the whites,

If a human can climb the biggest heights,

If a school failed can invent lights,
If a cricketing legend still plays after cancer,

If a single leg man can out class great dancer,

If a man can’t get up from chair but knows every answer,

If Steve jobs was once an adopted child,

Why can’t I dream big ,he smiled.”

The boy was shocked but he asked in mild 

you believe in dreams living in so wild’ ?
I have faith, I keep breathing and I remain calm

I know my future is not etched in my palm.

Because all I got is this life to live and believe.’


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