Story of my wallet.

Let’s hear the story from my view 

Because the truth about his love 

Is only known by few.

He made a rough photo of that girl,

I know because I m his wallet 

That small photo was in me 

And his feelings were very solid.

He had so many memories 

Because of a lot of crap

Tickets of first movie with her,

Answer sheet signed by her 

And other shit was filled in all of my gap.

But something one day he kept in me 

Which started to pinch me a lot,

It was the diamond ring 

For propose day which he bought.

I still remember that day,

When he dressed up in tux 

I was in the front pocket of the jacket

We were in some park with pond and ducks.

When he went on his knees 

Everything turned quite,

But the love lost its luck 

As the girl rejected him that night.

His eyes were filled 

And his heart beat gone fast.

I was in the front,

I knew all about the past.

But he looked at his hand and smiled 

Took a pause of 10 sec and threw the ring. 

I was left with a scar in front which he never filled again,

Because he never dreamed again of happy ending.  


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