Only she’s gone.

I was driving back Home 

with an empty seat by side

I knew she have to pass by one day 

But I never I wanted this ride .

As I walked into the home 

And opened the drawer to Put the keys

The breathe got stuck 

And the moment got freeze .
I saw a white paper 

Folded four ways 

Written my name with black ink 

With title ‘I am here always’ .
Her words 
‘I knew 

Soon this day will arrive 

Some things I wanted say 

but I m not alive 

Whenever I was unable to breath 

You also lost yours 

Because I was turning blue 

And you couldn’t find cures .
I think life is more colourful 

When you are running this way ,

Death line is trying to chase you 

And want to turn you grey .


But I had like 10 great memories 

Before I lost my hair 

But than every day was a birthday 

And I felt justified I swear 
I know you broke your promise 

My coffin got wet with you tear drop ,

I know you are still crying 

But now it’s good time to stop .
We practised for this day 

Many of times ,

Please stop crying 

I am running of rhymes .
So let’s keep it dry 

It’s only me who’s gone ,

but Our love wouldn’t die 

If you will stay strong. 


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