My only new friend.

Everybody smiles In the days of sun 

Till the light glow

But I stay awake with him 

Doesn’t matter if it’s 4Am 

Because I m his pillow

I know every secret of Him 

Every dream he sees in the dark night

I have felt the regret he hides 

After his every fight

I have heard him 

when he is actually quite 

I know him better 

Than one of u in light

I know every dark thought he has 

But still I m white.

I have seen him getting broke 

I have felt his tears on me 

I have been thrown on the ground 

I have been hugged tightly.

I have heard him talking to a girl 

Who lives at distance of a mile 

I know what he feels for her 

I have seen he has found his long lost smile.

But let me tell u a secret 

Which I really don’t understand 

He put something under me 

With his own hand 

I smelled and felt it keenly 

It’s a girls hairband 

When he was half asleep 

I Whispered in his ear 

‘What’s with the band?’ 
He smiled and said 

‘ I wanna see dreams of her 

With a happy end’


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