Loving you from distance.

I hope I won’t see that night 

When I wake up at 12am 

From ur message beep 

And u text me a good morning 

Because u just woke up 

from your sleep.

I hope I will 

never have to see the time 

Before ringing your phone.

Because I wanna always love you 

In the same time zone.

I hope I will never put a tag 

‘To see her’ on the jar.

Because I don’t wanna see my love 

Living away so far.

I hope I will never see that day 

When u and I will be on Skype,

And you’ll be touching the screen 

to make my tears wipe.


And I just hope 

That this poem go meaning less 

But If all of this is gonna happen some day,

All I m gonna do 

And all I am gonna say 

‘One day the plane ticket 

Is gonna be one way’ .


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