A little summary of my heart.

She was so use to her features 
That she forgot it in the way,
How she make a stranger fall 

In love with her every day.

But when I joined in as a stranger 

And started to act in the play,

I knew I was sent 

Because of somethings yet to be say.

I told her it’s just you 

Who made me love that cafe,

The one who made me touch the ground 

And reach the god with pray.

It was only you 

Whole coloured that Saturday,

And made a mark in my heart 

For that day in may.

But now I m not a stranger anymore 

I am here to stay,

So few lines I wanna try to write 

For my only bae.

I will die twice 

To live with you once a lil more 

Because I love u deep.

These 6 months with you 

Made my heart more crazy

I dream more often than I sleep’


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