A life with you. 

A cold night started,

Under the blanket 

Both of them felt sleepy 

Because it was very late.

She hugged him tight On message 

Like he was her pillow 

He smiled at her message but waited 

Because a typing bubble was still below 

After few minutes all he got 

Was a good night 

That reply felt empty in his heart 

But still he switched of the light.

But something kept him awake 

And later he unlocked his phone

He saw that typing box again 

And messaged ‘baby are you feeling alone?’

‘ I am trying to write 

A long love sentence for you 

 See I love you so much 

But the words are still few’

He smiled with a tear and said 

‘You know the longest sentence 

I can think of is 

A life with you’ :’) 


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