The briefcase.

As the morning rush begin with tearsAnd every thing seems to fell apart

His crying heart asked me 

Will you bare the weight of my broken parts.
I saw him wiping his red eyes 

And shivering hands struggling to keep up 

With non of his clothes ironed at all 

And stuffed in me for pack up.
He picked up his phone again and again 

Because he needed someone who wouldn’t let him go 

But nobody came with their arms 

And he knew there is a sorry he still owe.
He zipped me up with a tear drop 

And threw me on the floor,

He needed to escape from this world 

So he ran out of the front door.
But the story still had a turn 

Under its sleeves 

Because the hope in him wasn’t dead 

Someone might come he believes
So all I did was a little pray 

To make some time for them 

Because he was hiding he couldnt show.

But there wasn’t just clothes in me 

There was a heart with some tears 

And her photo.


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