He is forever.

As the days craweled and nights passed 

And the curls in bedsheet grew,

She just lay there with her wet eyes 

In dreams of the day he will come which was due.
As she refused to eat and have a sip 

And all she did was pray,

She begged for happiness and his love 

With her whole heart 5 times a day.
As her parents disowned her from their heart 

She didn’t get a shoulder to cry,

But the memories of sleeping on his shoulder 

Kept away the thoughts to die. 
One day her mother entered her room 

And took away the last peice of love 

Her love’s ring.

Mother shouted at her don’t you get it 

‘ NOTHING stays forever’

She wiped her tears with smile and said 

‘you told me forget about him he is NOTHING ‘.


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