The lack of your love made me orphan.

As the entered the gate 

I felt like home 

Because they all had broken smiles 

Just like me suffering from same syndrome.

All they seeked from world was a hand 

Bit of love and a right to dream.

But all of their efforts were restricted by 

Their dirty oversized torned clothes 

And empty stomach’s scream.
As I offered them food 

I felt like lost 

Because a 10sec recap I saw 

Of all the teary starving nights I have crossed.

All they asked

 for this feeling of starve to disappear

All they needed was a promise

Of never sleeping again with starving fear.
And as I offered them my love 

I felt like exile,

Because when I hugged them 

And peeked in their glittery eyes 

I saw your smile.


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