Her eyes.

You hated your eye colour,

Called it dull and dirty brown,

Wished for a deep blue of an ocean,

Where admirers hearts would drown.

And it pained me when I realised 

You had never see it like I do,

The way your eyes hint at a story,

That I want to read right through.

They hold shine of stolen sunlight,

To admire it I never got a chance

And a dept of raw emotion 

That can freeze me in trance.

They are a fix of melted chocolate,

When I’m craving for something sweet,

But hold a gaze that’s so unwavering,

That I find it hard to meet,

I fall right down the rabbit hole,

When I look into your eyes,

The brown of earth’s untouched beauty,

That I yearn to memories,

When I was tired of not belonging,

They made me feel like I’d been found,

And I hope you never say again,

That your eyes are simply brown. 


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